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Genach Amir Ancient Conservation Society and Mosaic Works Ltd


Amir Genach’s career in the conservation field began in 1992 with the conservation of the aqueduct in Caesarea (the Israel's first conservation course). Since then, Amir has carried out many challenging projects both in Israel and Italy.

The company’s specializations are extensive and provide fair prices as well as a guarantee of 5 years.

All projects are carried out in Israel and are certified and authorized by the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Israel National Park and additional relevant bodies.

Kinnereth Genach has been inspired by her late grandfather, who was a mosaics artisan in Italy a hundred years ago. Kinnereth continues to promote her mosaics at the Genach’s Mosaics Gallery in the Port of Caesarea.

Working for important clients

Prince Edward (the brother of Prince Charles of England)

The Mayor of Rome, Italy

The Mayor of Tel Aviv

The Mayor of Haifa

Maestro Zubin Mehta

The Mayor of Or-Akiva

The Head of Shoham Council







Chief Rabbi of Rome, Italy

Chief Rabbi of  Milan, Italy

In Israel – Caesarea:

-            Conservation of the aqueduct

-            conservation of an ancient synagogue

-            excavation and conservation of the Birds mosaic

-            Obelisk project

-            conservation and arrangement of the transportation of the Porphyry statue to Rome

-            conservation of the site in Caesarea for a period of five years and management of the whole project

National Parks:             

-          conservation of Ein Hemed Fortress

-          conservation of the burial caves Bet Shearim

-          conservation of the Zipori mosaics site

-          excavation and conservation of Orpheus and Monnalisa mosaics

-          conservation of frescoes (affresco) and others

-          conservation of wine press and the Roman villa in Apollonia

-          conservation of a mosaic in Ashkelon

-          conservation in Achziv

-          conservation in  Afek

-          conservation of the Arabel Fortress

-          Beit Hanania Taninim River

-          Beit Yannay: general conservation works

-          Beit Yitav, Banias, Bar’am, Jordan Star

 conservation of the Fortress

-          General conservation of the Corazim

-          Megiddo

-          Museum Gan Ha Shlosha conservation

-          Montfort conservation

-          Nimrod Fortress

-          Palmachim and more.....


Various Customers:

-       Bahai Gardens in Haifa: conservation of the archive building, conservation of the structure of the dome

-       Bahai Gardens in Acco: items conservation

-       Tel-Aviv Municipality: relocation and conservation of the Gutman Fountain

-       The Eretz Israel Museum: mosaic conservation and conservation in Tel Qasile.

-       Jerusalem – Beit Beitar conservation and conservation of the Herodian Quarter and the Burned House.

-       General conservation in Sussita.

-       conservation at the Mount Olives

-       Wadi Hamam conservation

-       Nesher Ramla - removing of mosaic floors and more

-       Sussia: conservation of synagogue

-       Shoham:  rebulding and cnservation of old site

-       Tel Rehesh: general conservation works

-       Tel Aviv University: items conservation and items relocation for exhibition

-       Or Akiva: conservation items

-       Beit Dagan - conservation and development of wine press

-       Statue Garden Caesarea: Design and exhibition display items

-       Ganei Yehoshua: Design and exhibition display items

-       Kfar Saba: conservation of Wine press and building of olive crushing and Antilit Well

-       Hanita Museum: general conservation works

-       Sdot Yam Museum: general conservation works

-       Mishkenot Shaananim: general conservation works.

-       CDC : archaeological exhibition planning and execution of the work

-       Golan Museum: archaeological exhibition

-       Sturman Museum: archaeological exhibition

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